hey guys! ima try again in making a good game.. my other ones are really lame..

heres how you play. one person makes a comment about themselves. and then the next person desides weather they are lying or not. if they think they are lying, they have to say y they are lying, of they think they are telling the trust.. justify y its the truth.. it cant be too mean, and no one should be offended.. for example:

1st person: im 50 years old and im still in high school

2nd person: liar.. theres a law about how many times u can fail high school

i married my parakeet

3rd person: no way.. thats illegal!

i ate my keet for breakfast

4th person: i doubt it.. then y would u be on this site?

my mom is younger than me

5th person: well, maybe.. if she's ur step mom

i like to eat fried worms


i sleep with my mom

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