So this morning i decided to spoil my birds since i am not working on the weekend. I gave them breakfast of half of a boiled egg, green grapes, pellets sprinkled over that and a slice of cucumber. They went NUTS!!!

a little bit later i realized they needed a bath. Since i didn't have any romaine, i decided to get out the "green cup". I have green, turquoise and purple. I knew they would remember the green cup even though it had been a couple of months. So i filled it with distilled water and put it in the cage. In one second Peri was on his way over. Peri likes to play the game in the green cup - he gets his face wet, splatters water on the bars, then eats the droplets off of the bars. But this is Bleu's serious bath tub. Bleu kicked him off and took a bath.

But why only the GREEN cup? It is like the color of the parakeet's wings in the top left corner of this forum...see him with the grapes? Why do they only do these things in THAT cup? Why not turquoise or purple?