it will take him a while to settle in. give him a week or so to become familiar with his surroundings then he should start to be more active. I wouldn't' continue playing the parakeet sounds for him though. It will slow down his process of settling in. When he hears the sounds he thinks there are other birds, then when the sounds stop he thinks they have left without him. Just let him settle in on his own. The males tend to sing more and be more active so he should perk up in the next week or so. My two just came back from the pet sitter and already Opal (my male) is singing away and playing with his toys.
as far as the food goes, what did he eat at Petco? you may want to buy a little bit of that and mix them for a few weeks to get him used to the new food. slowly add less and less of what he ate at petco until he's only eating the new food. If he's eating the same stuff already it's probably just another adjustment issue and he should be fine soon.

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