This is the first time I have ever had a pet bird. I have had pets before, but I have never had to train them myself. I love animals though. I just got a "bin'o'budgies bird" yesterday. I have had it less then 2 days at this point. It was not from the hand-tame cage. I need to tell a few things about what happened first though.

First off, I made the mistake of letting it out of the carry box and let it roam around the room (keeping a careful eye on it to make sure it didn't do anything it shouldn't). But when I wanted to put it in the cage I had to try to ctah it a few times (I didn't want to hurt it so it took me a few tries of it flying away from me in order to get it into the right position to grab it softly). But when I had it in my hands it bit me so much. I felt like it hated me and like I was the worst owner in the whole entire world.

But now I have gotten it to stand on a perch I am holding (and I know it can see me when I go up to the cage because while it doesn't freak out, it edges away slowly). It only did this once but I moved the perch all around (slowly and I didn't bump it against anything) ad I finally brought it back to it's swing. It occassionally lets me pet it (I petted it before I read the Lisa Shea article on the fact that petting isn't natural and that many birds dislike it (opps).

But my bird seems so brave and is already singing away and lets my hand come near as long as it doesn't make many movements. But is my bird just brave or paralyzed with fear and it can't muster up the courage to run away. I keep cooing at the bird and telling it that it is brave, are my words working LOL. Is it normal non-hand trained bird behaviour.

I know I am paranoid btw :), but better safe then sorry.

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