Awe thanks again for the comments! They are doing great, they used to be so nice to eachother but day by day they are being a little mean towards eachother. Sonni was flying around and he landed right on Popeye (his little sibling) and just tossed him like a rag. These little guys sure know how to be violent with eachother!

I'm having a real dilemma with keeping all the babies, I did promise my sister the youngest two and I would keep the oldest three (Sonni, Scarlie and Meeka) but I know it will be hard to give the younger two away and I don't look forward to doing that since I want to keep them all. I made a promise to give two to my sister so I will probably end up giving two to her. I will just enjoy them as much as possible since my sister lives 8 hours away from me so I won't see the babies as much as I would want.

And thanks for all the name ideas! My sister will probably change their names once they are hers but for now they are Popeye and Bambino...Bambino is probably not the best name for a keet but he really needed a name lol

I will keep you guys posted on the babies! =) Thanks again!

"You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them"