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I really think that if someone shows a photo of a bird that is in an overly small cage; or two birds in a cage designed for one, then the natural reaction of bird-lovers is to say how lovely the birds are and then to advise on getting a more suitable cage.

Similarly with any other issues of concern.

Personally, I don't think it's a case of asking for such advice ~ by joining the forum and putting one's birds on show here, members can expect appropriate comments.

If something is wrong, then it is right to criticise and advise. what I will say, though, is that this must be done constructively, positively and politely.

If someone is scared off, then they won't be around to heed any good advice.

I'm not criticising anyone, by the way, just giving y opinion.

I completely agree. I think if someone really loves their birds they should be willing to here constructive critism, and tipps on how to improve it. I know I've been geen advice on here many times, I take it very serious and try to improve what is being said whether it be what kind of perches I have for my bird or the size of her cage.

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