Alright, alright. Let's all just simmer down and have a nice big group hug. [Linked Image]

Good. Look, everyone is childish/silly at one point or another (and if they aren't, then they must be inhuman), whether they mean to be or not. We were all kids at one point or another, and we all had to learn how to think things through. Another thing we had to all learn was how to "play nice" with everyone else, so let's pull that back into play here (no pun intended). Everyone's got a different opinion, it's no reason to get at each other's throats (even if there is a fake good-natured smile in front of it).

Now, to try pulling this thread back on track (if we didn't scare poor Trey away with all this):

With you not being around that often, it's going to be hard training Stick. He probably won't really bond with you since you're not around all the time, but maybe you'll be able to teach him some stuff. Summer is coming up, after all, so hopefully you'll be able to spend some more time with him?

As far as him suddenly becoming wild and trying to bite you, about how far away from the tiel's cage is Stick's cage? If they're pretty close, or even in the same room, then Stick would probably rather bond with the other bird than pay attention to you, and that makes things alot tougher as far as training goes.

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