I haven't been on here in a while, but i have to tell you i am shocked at this childishness. You people need to go back and read this whole thing. 2 people did treat that boy bad and they should be ashamed. I stopped coming on here because some people on here are silly and some think that they are the only ones who know anything about birds. It's really ridiculous. There are even some who, when a new person gets a new bird and shows their pics and stuff, can only say "oh, what a cute bird, BUT you need to get it a bigger cage, don't feed it that, change it's perches, are you sure you're responsible enough to take care of it??" What makes any of you experts on bird care???? And what makes any one of you better than anyone else?? And did I read in this post that LLPB is 13??? You have got to be kidding me...

My babies-
Sunny, the tiel
Mami,Stanley,Snow White,Prince Charming, the keets