You're right it did get way out of hand and I’m sure I helped it along the way. I did feel as if trey was being jumped on a bit too harshly I just am very offended when people bring age into knowledge, one has nothing to do with the other. The reason why I said you weren’t that far removed from 19 is because you said in one of your posts that you were 20 please excuse the confusion. Also, my family rescues labs... as in people hear about us and bring us dogs they don’t want or don’t have time or room for. I promise we take good care of our dogs. They are groomed more then amply, if we were to even attempt to wash both of them (in the time period I'm talking about we actually had three, 2 labs and a golden) as often as you wash your dog we would never be done washing dogs lol smile
Apology accepted and I hope you accept mine, I said some harsh things, I think this is a silly reason for you to stop coming here.

*Darcy* 7.2.09