yea your right this has gotten out of hand, but i have to say heather you have took what i said in the first post and twisted it all around, all i meant to say is that "most" younger people NOT all younger people do not think things threw as good as a adult would. i never said they were stupid i never said they were dumb, and no im not saying that people here dont know what they are talking about yes ill admit i said some things in the previous post that were untrue but hey im human you made me mad lol im sorry if what i said got taken the wrong way that is not how i meant it to sound. i just felt bad for the boy that everyone was jumping on him like mad dogs. he is a young person that came here innocently looking for help. so like i said heather, kila im going to be the adult that i am and im going to apologize this has gotten way out of hand. i never meant to hurt anyone by what i said, and alot of you are very very smart and ill admit you know what your talking about. but you also have to admit that not all teens are as smart,and responsible as most of you are. i have a 15 year old brother so beleave me i know how irresponsible teens can get and it is totally normal, that is why i felt bad for trey. so there it is there you have it IM SORRY. you all are very nice people and have been good to me but like i said befor i just wish people would really pay attention to how you word things because there are people out there that really take things to heart. by the way no im not 19 im 28. not that it matters. so anyway hope this is over and done with. it was really stupid to start with and i think we ALL Really acted childish! also llpb if you read my post sorry hun i know you prolly took that personally but beleave me i didnt meant it i was very ticked off and i apologize directly to you. you are a very smart young lady. and just so you know heather i dont wash my dog everyday i was her like once maybe twice a week shes a inside dog and i use specail soap for her skin as to not dry it out.

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