erh... parronts is a play on the word parrot and parent. It means you are the parent of a parrot. Dumb.
I just turned 22 so please excuse me for posting on my birthday as 21 and the day after as 22.
You aren't supposed to bathe dogs more then once a month (or atleast, labs and retrievers you aren't. My vet actually suggest no more then once every two months). They have oils in their coat to help protect them from rain and if you bathe them too often it gets rid of the oils. You're only supposed to brush them very often to stimulate the skin and hair follicles and get stuff out of their coat. So... yeah. You bathe your dogs every day and let's see what kind of condition their skin is in.
Saying you wouldn't have taken advice from LLPB if you knew she was 13 is just like eating something, saying it's delicious, and then finding out it's frogs legs and saying it's gross. It's either good advice or it isn't, it doesn't matter what age the person that it comes from is...
Also, you have such a YAAYY I'm not 19 anymore I'M AN ADULT attitude. Kinda like sophmores in HS who are excited that they're no longer freshman so they get an attitude.
Also, I never once suggested you were talking about me. I knew exactly who you were talking about. But I have had the 'How old are you?' question directed at me on this forum before as an attempt to discredit me and I honestly don't think that it's appropriate to say people don't know things because they're younger then you (Which, btw, according to your theory you're still quite the young'n too considering the fact that you are less then a year removed from having the word 'teen' in your age). You're older then they are and obviously have a lot more to learn in the social skills area then they do.
And P.S. 'ending' the conversation is a childish thing to do. Or at least according to the people who taught me social skills it is. You have a conversation until all parties agree that they have come to a conclusion otherwise it's like you're taking your ball and going home because no one wants to play your way... can we say child?

I would also like to say that I think it's a shame you've taken this this far. I really do like you and think you're a wonderful contributing member of the forum. It's a shame that you can't see past people's ages. I would have loved to be able to see more posts about your fids (not a typo, it means feathered kids) and watch them grow up with you.

*Darcy* 7.2.09