I'm 21 and im pretty sure that while I didnt know a lot about the ways of the world at 16, <---------- is this not what you said?

I am 22 so there is no 'teen' in my age. <----- and is this not what you said?
what age are you really? and who are you to say im acting like a child? when you are argueing along with me? real adult thing to do lmao

"A rediculous amount of 16 year olds have had sex, done drugs, and drink regularly. I'm pretty sure that if they're capable of making decisions like that, they're capable of taking care of a bird or realizing they cant take care of the bird and just leaving it at the pet store"
if you think that that is a responsible thing to do at 16 years of age maybe YOU shouldnt have birds either!

you bathe your dog once a mth?? that in itself is cruel i mean would you take a bath only once a mth?

and what i really want to know is why are you evan in this conversation i wasnt evan talking about you, no where in my first post did i mention your name, i actually think you and one other was the only ones i thought were being respectful. so this had nothing to evan do with you.

"And I love how you deem yourself able to end the conversation. Such an 'adult' thing to do when you know you're wrong."
i deemed myself out of this convo because it is getting very childish!!!!! i am a adult i am able to do that!

another thing i dont really see why you are getting all angry talking about your age, did i ever call U child? i seen how old you said you were, i never said you are a TEEN!!

"And the 13 and 14 year old parronts she was talking about was mainly LLPB. She's 13 years old and takes excellent care of and has excellent knowledge of her birds."
i really dont consider 13 to be a good age to try and bring a life into the world! since we are talking about these birds as if they are human! and if i had known she was 13 i wouldnt evan be taking advice from her! i think you people take this [censored] to the extreme and its really stupid that you sit here and actually go against what a vet has to to say thinking you know better than they do! ive seen it too many times on here.

and since we are haveing a spelling bee, parronts is spelled parents!!!!!!!
you know ive tried to be nice ive kept my mouth shut and said lets give these people the benifit of doubt that they know what they are talking about and ive put up with scolding to me directly because there was things that i knew i did wrong and i took it like a woman a adult! but im sorry i dont have to take this [censored] or yours.. if your such an adult im going to treat you like one. NOW IM GOING TO BE THE ADULT HERE AND WALK AWAY AND END THIS CONVERSATION. NOTHING WAS DIRECTED AT YOU. all in all i just wanted people to lay up on trey a little bit if you cant understand that then you ARE childish!! and HEARTLESS!!

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