in response to kilas mom "There are 13, 14 year olds on here who are good bird parents"
there are alot of good illusionist and liars in the world too, i mean how do you really know how could of parents these 13-14 year olds are? are you there everyday watching them care for there keets? do these 13-14 year olds have school dureing the day the parents work and the keets are home alone? do they not have homework to do? friends to hang out with? and you want to tell me these keets get the attention they deserve? dont get me wrong im sure there are some that do it right. but when it comes down to it a teen is going to be a teen. i still disagree 16 teen is not adult, hince the word! "TEEN" and yes in some cases teens are tried as adults in court "WHEN THEY COMMIT MURDER"!! anyway im done argueing this is begining to get off topic and really stupid if you ask me,just please guys try not to be so mean, try to understand the situation take in all possibilitys befor you jump to conclusions. people do have feelings and are not all cruel and abusive as you all assume people are. im sorry i just have a big heart for every liveing thing specally humans and i couldnt just sit back and watch you guys be mean to this boy..

TEEKA R.I.P 6-1-07 R.i.p meeko 8-20-2010