ok now to correct you heather i never said that 16 year old are "dumb"!! i only said that at 16 that most teens do not think it threw like most ADULTS would, that is being a normal teenager! and i all i said was that people did not need to be so cruel to him, yes correct him teach him how to care for his bird, but do not scold him and put him down and kila did, by saying it was not right for him to buy the bird for his own "CHILDISH GAMES"! And i was right i see most of you are kids and so i understand all of you takeing each others side which is totally fine your acting your age and nothing is wrong with that. i was just stateing my opinion that you guys shouldnt jump to conclusions and be so cruel after all, these birds are ANIMALS, And beleave me i love my birds and i take good care of them i would never hurt them, but i would never hurt someones feelings or talk down to someone who is a HUMAN being and is only acting natural, UNLESS they were beating the animal or starveing the animal ON PURPOSE! and i said it befor and ill say it again "im sure he did not buy the bird thinking he was going to be mean to it and torture it, he obviously cared enough to come on here and tryed to get some advice on how to care for his keet. but im sure none of you took that into perspective. young adult or not he did not deserve the treatment he received!

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