In my country a person of 16 is a young adult and can be charged as an adult for certain crimes committed. The courts can and do, look at that age as young adult. They are permitted to legally leave home, have sex, have children, obtain a drivers licence and much more.

In other countries some are legally entitled to get married, in others 16 is still seen and treated as a child.

Much depends on the country though, this forum of course being world wide, people from a wide variety of cultures posting.

The problem with forums though is that there are some very young posters here who don't take the time to consider every option available and tend to fly off the handle, to coin a phrase. They don't have the life skills of age or maturity to see the full picture and take the normal course open for that age group.

I know many young people of 16 who are extremely mature and responsible for their age whilst there are those double that age who lack responsibility and maturity.

As I stated earlier, I see many instances of young people buying pets and just not having the life skills to deal with them correctly. Unfortunately it's usually the animal who suffers long term. This is in my professional opinion.

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