Erh... just to correct you MTLJs mom... Kila isnt much older then 16 herself and she has the ability to know how to care for a keet. I'm 21 and im pretty sure that while I didnt know a lot about the ways of the world at 16, I atleast knew that if I decided to care for a pet, I had to care for it properly and for the rest of its life. So dont discredit this kid too much. While you might think 16 year olds are dumb (as most mothers do) they are actually quite capable of knowing little things like this.
Also keep in mind that as a mother of two you're obviously a bit older then 16 (I'm not gonna hazard a guess at your age lol) and you need to think of this. 16 has changed since you were there. most 16 year olds are learning things now in hs that you may have learned in college is you chose to do so. A rediculous amount of 16 year olds have had sex, done drugs, and drink regularly. I'm pretty sure that if they're capable of making decisions like that, they're capable of taking care of a bird or realizing they cant take care of the bird and just leaving it at the pet store...

*Darcy* 7.2.09