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kila's mum: while i agree with some of your points, i don't think it's right to degrade the values of other animals. they're living creatures too, just like birds. i hope you don't think that puppies/mice/hamsters are animals that require lesser amounts of care/attention/respect.

Oh no not like that I love all animals, in fact i have 2 dogs and a cat. I love them all so much, I didn't mean for it to sound so cold towards puppies and kitties. I love them all. I wasn't trying to jump at him so bad, I was in a bad mood that day and kinda took it out on him a bit, I wasn't trying to be so mean about it. I just have souch a enthusiasm to birds, so I'm not trying to say I hate everything else, O love my animals especially my puppy. I also like rodents my sister has actually had rodents in the past, and the rats espeically are indcredibly smart, hers actually learned its name and stuff.

Kila- 10/5/06 RIP
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