all I have to say is God bless america,it a country where everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and sweetheart if this makes one sick to the stomach what does the things that are going on out in the world do so much is taking place those things make me sick period.the killings in schools, the one here is truly trying to hurt anyone.we're not like that for someone to even make that statement they haven't even began to know us.we stand for what is in the best interest of the birds;not people pride!first first last and always that what this forum is about.sometimes we might could be a little gentler but when any make staement like they have a bird for show or to profit from only we become upset.we have spent a lot of time and money to ensure our birds get the best of care.and in most states 15 is considerred a adult when a crime has been committed,when we don't think an bird is being treated or isn't going to be treated well so of us get very upset.

when you wish upon a star,you pray you wish comes true.