lol sueeee i remember that age 17 and of course like all normal teens they all think there as smart as adults and i will admit i was the same but i soon came to realize i didnt know as much as i thought i did, being that iam now a mother of 2 children i now understand just how much i didnt know at 17. im not trying to offend you or put you down i totally understand where your comeing from, but these people were treating him as if he was a full grown ADULT! thinking that he thinks like we do, and that just simply is not right.when facts come to facts young adult or not he is still NOT A ADULT, and did not deserve to be treated that way he came here looking for help and advice not to be yelled at put down and scolded! and he prolly came back and read all those mean post and decided never to return i mean hell ide do the same thing if someone talked to me that way. i mean really is this how we want this forum to be? rejecting people b/c they didnt do the right thing right away?but i really do agree with you hamsters dogs cats etc etc require the same love and attention as these birds, just because they dont show there emotions the same as birds dont mean they feel any different and dont mean they need less care and maintence. anyway im going to shut my mouth now i think i got my point across and i really think that if any of you who posted those mean post have any kinda of heart and are so careing for those birds as you say you are i think you should care enough about this boys feelings and apologize.

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