and in answering his original question and in response to some of the feedback he has gotten thus far:
As long as the home the bird is in is willing to care for it while you are gone (IE change water/food daily, talk to it, give it fly time if at all possible etc etc). there is no real issue. Yes it's a bummer that the bird can not spend 24/7 with Trey but the point should be Stick getting proper care. As far as training a Parakeet to do magic tricks, I've seen it done but it needs 24/7 time and a VERY close bond to the owner/trainer. Sadly with the bird only in your care part time i don't think this will happen. You may be able to get Stick to the point of finger trained and trusting of humans if you work with him as much as you can when you can.
I hope we haven't scared you away Trey, some of these responces have gotten ugly.