kila's mum: while i agree with some of your points, i don't think it's right to degrade the values of other animals. they're living creatures too, just like birds. i hope you don't think that puppies/mice/hamsters are animals that require lesser amounts of care/attention/respect.

*M,T,L,J'S* Mom: i agree with you too, except I think that in most cases, being 16 definitely qualifies you for being a 'young adult.' in most cases, i don't think we are really children at that age. of course, i may have a somewhat biased view being that i'm only 17 years old, but still, i think my judgement is valid.

this is going a bit off topic, but who else thinks that 16ish=young adult?

trey: any updates? how are you and your bird doing? i really don't think that buying a bird to want to teach it tricks is that big of an issue, AS LONG AS you take good care of it.

guys, he said he has read most of the pages on this website! just because he's not there all the time doesn't mean that the bird won't get proper care. he can teach is mother how to take care of it, right?

gl trey, and let us know how you're doing!

17 year old korean female and proud.
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