omg i cannot beleave you people reading this post almost made me sick to my stomach, the boy is 16 years old for gods sake!!!! and correction to aerial 16 is not a young adult that is a child! maybe 18 or 19 young adult but not 16!!!!!! i agree he needs to work it out to be able to spend more time with the bird. but everyone has to admit when we all first got these birds we were not all educated. this child looked as this bird as a pet not thinking! like most CHILDREN do im sure he did not buy the bird thinking im going to torture this bird with lonelyness and mistreat him!! instead of being mean to him and talking to him like he is a 30 year old why dont we try to educate him.. it really made me upset to see how everyone was being sooo cruel to this CHILD! i mean really is a BIRD feelings more important than a real life HUMAN BEING?????????? i mean i thought people were harsh b4 this post? but my god this really put the topping on the cake. u people are sick and prolly kids yourself!

TEEKA R.I.P 6-1-07 R.i.p meeko 8-20-2010