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what does your son have to do with anything? This is a forum for people who want to their experience and knowledge and joy of their birds and stuff, this has nothing to do with whos kid is more retarded. All birds need a big cage, for 1 keet it shouldnt be less then 18x18x18, and double for two. Do you understand anything you've been told? You will never be able to breed keets in a small cage, and fyi they prefer square cages, a round one or shaped roof cage is for a persons liking of it. The birds dont. If your looking for someone middle aged to give you advice find a different forum, most of the more experienced bird parents on here are like 13 years old. If you don't like that find a different one hey maybe you and whats their face should start your own forum where you defend eachother and stuff, she can defend your spelling and she can defend your grammar? Sounds like a plan to me.

Dont you think that uncalled for to me they only want to make sure thier birds are safe an well cared for.
you should say you sorry to this family im sure of that

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