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I guess we do have grown ups in this forum! Thank you meljo93!

and you say this specifically because he told you not to feel bad that you arent caring for your pets correctly and are refusing toe listen to our advice...
Heres the thing, if you want to keep on abusing your pets, then dont ask us how to properly take care of them
that's how it works.
If you ask us, you get answers and yes it WILL always be the same answer. You shouldnt be breeding, You need to move ALL of your birds into bigger cages. That is the only issues we're having right now. Honestly i think it's great that you're asking questions about breeding and whatnot and we're all more then happy to help but it does get pretty annoying when we advise and you dont listen and just ask the same questions over again.
And I would like to mention that I find it funny that the 'grown ups' were the first ones to mention age.
I'm about to graduate College with a BS in psych after four years. Only 15% of the American population can say they've graduated college with a BS or BA in anything. I, while not being a 'grown up' am certainly very smart, dedicated, and patient. It has nothing to do with age.
And despit how harsh Kila is being I agree, If you arent going to listen to our advice go to another forum. We can't deal with it anymore.
I can actually refer you to another forum that is about all kinds of parrots not just budgies, it is very informative and, just like here, a very patient and interested community. if you would like to give that a go, let me know and I'll PM you the address. Just be advised, the people there are going to tell you the same things we have most likely and no one there will let you feel ok for treating your birds like this. On the bright side, you'll learn and lot and find a very supportive community that can really help you out with tiels more specifically as long as you choose to listen to the advice that you ask for.

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