Sorry, I cant help it if I get a bad feeling from an idividual who comes on here and their first post is attacking people who are well respected on this forum. I know exactly who the post was about (Kila) and I dont care. I think it's rude. She is a wonderful bird mom. You can't know the entire history we all have answering this one persons questions. They refuse to listen. We started off being overly kind and yes, we're getting harsher as we go becasue they JUST ARENT LISTENING!
and what really got the bee in my bonnet is the commet about how you've had birds longer then 'they have been living' 2 things. The sentance structure problem was that you didnt specify who 'they' was. Did you mean you've had your birds for longer then your birds have been living? or for longer then Kila has been living. That sentance confusion thing is a pet peeve of mine, that's why I jumped on it. Also, I have had people try to tell me that I'm stupid because I'm only a kid, that's the other reason why I jumped on that. Age and maturity have nothing to do with it

oh, and if you've ever met a dog who was well taken care of and not abused that didnt like every one... you're an anomaly. Because I rescue dogs and I have two who were abused for much of their young lives and they still love everyone and anything that comes their way.

you're just not starting off on the right foot here. Maybe make another attmept and try not to rag on the people who have been on this forum forever and are good parronts.

*Darcy* 7.2.09