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Don't sweat it villageidiot33. It was coming from a kid who thinks dogs and cats like everyone, and who thinks if your birds prefer each other's company, you are doing something wrong.

I have been keeping birds longer than they have been living, and while I don't agree with your cage sizes for breeding, I have the maturity not to attack, and instead give advice.

First of all I'm not a kid, I don't find anything wrong with birds bonding, if you read the whole post and you love birds and animals as much as you claim, you would understand where I'm coming from. I think that its a stupid idea for this person to breed their birds when they don't seem to know how to even take care of all of them. Second I don't know why you would even get involved the comment wasn't made to you, so theresfore has nothing to do with you, but in case you didn't know, seeing as how your new and all, most of the people on here are either really early teens, mid 20s or over 35. Seeing as how I've been on here for a while I know this. Before you start trying to start something I suggest you rethink where you stand on this post considering this guy has been given a ton of dvice, we all have birds on here so talking about whether or not you've had birds doesn't say much on your part. Also its not our job to encourage something if we're completely against it, and your the one who made a call on age and maturity. My attitude has nothing to do with maturity, it has to do with wanting whats best for birds. Next time you decide to try and start something on a forum you've barely been on much less posted on, find a different one.

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