I have and had read the entire post. I was not attacking anyone. I was pointing out my experience and length of time that I have been keeping birds. I was also pointing out that a poster that made childish and ill remarks doesn't have much experience with animals or their behaviors. The poster was not you, by the way, so why the defensive mode? Oh, and if you go back and read my post... the sentence structure is fine.

Do I agree with the way the original poster keeps her birds? No

Do I think they should be breeding without doing research? No

Do I think they are a terrible person for doing this, and should have all of their animals taken because of it? Or be told such things?
No, I think they need to be better educated, which is why they are here, asking questions.

I also think it is very childish to attack a poster until you know the facts. For example, I was happily surprised to find out that the Teils spend so much time outside of the cage if they choose.

As far as the age thing goes, I do not believe that it means more in bird keeping. I really didn't mean to put all young keepers in the same group. I was referring to a single post. Which again, wasn't yours.