I dont think anyone said the word monster, nice twist though.

As much as I hate to say it though I agree. Your budgie needs a buddy. When I first got Nouba we spent all kindsa time together and then school started and I was working till all hours so i got her Darcy and she's very happy... they both are actually. If you can sitll spend time with both birds then they'll still be hand tame but they wont ever bond with you.
Also, are you sure sticks a he? the whole random biting thing sounds very much like a budgie girl turning into a budgie woman smile Make sure his cage is never above your shoulder level, Shoulder dominance is a problemfor some budgies but people ignroe it because they're so tiny, just like people ignroe tiny dogs biting because they're so tiny but wouldnt stand for it in a large dog. Keets are the yorkies of the parrot world.
ANYway, please dont be offended, no one called you a monster as the person above me suggested, they just want to make sure you're doing whats best for your bird even if it sounds harsh.

*Darcy* 7.2.09