Ok Meljo if you had read the rest of this post you would have seen, we have already offered advice calmly. Actually read every post on this forum by this person. They are always given advice calmly. However, they are completely failing to listen to us. There comes a point when people get annoyed.
Way to introduce yourself to a new forum by not even reading anything and then attacking some of its better respected and educated members. That’s the way I like to join a board.
Villageidiot should be sweating it. They are mistreating their birds and no matter how many times we've advised them how to fix it they haven’t fixed anything and keep asking the same questions. The answers are ALWAYS the same. you should not be breeding tiels if you don’t even know what mutation or sex these tiels are. You SHOULD NOT be breeding these tiels if the cage they're in isn’t even big enough for one tiel because guess what? Soon you'll have 4 or more tiels in that cage. That’s ridiculous. How bout I put you and your significant other in a closet and say here you co, have some kids. That sounds like fun huh?
Just because your neighbor has no idea how to keep their birds does not mean you should follow suit. And just because someone’s been keeping birds for 'longer then they have been living' (I cant tell if this refers to the birds living or the people living, either way, you should clean up your sentence structure so it actually... you know... makes sense) does not mean they know a darn thing. You could be keeping birds for 10 years and have gone through 10 budgies and think that's perfectly fine. Here though we like to keep our birds in the best environment we can keep them in. We try to educate others to be able to do the same. If you choose to ignore us and keep asking the same questions that have already been answered, sorry, you're gonna get a smart alec answer.
do not I REPEAT do not! (and this goes for everyone, not just the two people who are pissing me off just now) even think to be insulting each other because someone is 'just a kid' that will lower this board to a point that it doesn’t need to be. Heck, I'm only 22, that doesn’t mean I know less then someone who’s older then me cuz chances are I've researched more then you ever have in your life. Take LLPB for example, our breeding and health expert is 14 years old. Age has nothing to do with knowledge.

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