Don't sweat it villageidiot33. It was coming from a kid who thinks dogs and cats like everyone, and who thinks if your birds prefer each other's company, you are doing something wrong.

I have been keeping birds longer than they have been living, and while I don't agree with your cage sizes for breeding, I have the maturity not to attack, and instead give advice.

Since your Tiels have already laid, and you won't get the new cage until May, there isn't much you can do until then. How big is this new cage? It should be at least twice the size as the cashbah cage if you plan to continue letting them out for 12 hours a day. If you can't let them out for as long, get a bigger cage.
I would only put three Budgies in a Cashbah cage, even if they are let out for up to 4 hours a day. I would not use it for breeding. For Finches... since they can't be let out too safely, I would only put two. That way, there is room to fly. If you wish to breed, just get bigger cages, and do the proper research.