Well, I agree that you probably won't get this bird tame enough for tricks without daily interaction. Does your mom let the bird out, and interact with it while you are away? If not, perhaps you should buy a larger cage, and get Stick a companion so he/she won't be so lonely. A cage where thay can fly.
I agree that they need companionship, just not necesarily from humans. My birds live in an outdoor aviary. They all have free flight, and have each other for companionship. I provide love in the form of food, water, treats, and toys. As long as all of these needs are being met... I don't think you are a selfish monster. In fact, I look at lone parakeets in cages that are too small for them to have flight exercise because they are so stuffed with toys as selfish. In the wild, budgies fly much more than an hour a day.

P.S. Also save some money up for vet bills... just in case.