Thanks for all the comments!

The babies are doing great, they all have their eyes open now. The one I thought was a lutino has darker eyes now, that little bugger tricked me but that's okay, I'm already in love him/her!

I moved them to another room to change their bedding and one started chirping for their mom and then they all followed but I really think they were just excited to see me! =)

Once I put the box back, Panchita hopped right in and it was a feeding frenzy. Panchita was going crazy trying to feed them all. I can't imagine being a mom just yet so Kudos to all the mamas out there! and pops!

Hiiii, someone else told me that the one with reddish eyes might be a cinnamon also, is that the one you were talking out being a cinnamon?

"You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them"