So in other words you just want to see babies? Because it sounds to me like your a young kid or teen probably under the age of 16 and you really have no clue as to even handle an aanimal. Do your pets even like you? and I don't mean dogs and cats, they like everyone. But your birds, or do they prefer each other and bite you every time you try to pick them up. i'm guessing the second one. You shouldn't even have birds without having done research, I'm still wondering if this was all a joke to be honest. i have trouble believeing someone is just that ignorant when it comes to somethings life. You need to have your birds taken away and placed in LOVING homes. Have you ever had an animal die in your care? Just wondering.

Kila- 10/5/06 RIP
Makena- 12/14/06-9/2009 (To a Better Home)