ou bought a keet you can't really spend time with? I hope magic wasn't the only reason you bought a living breathing creature who's sole life depends on you, and the fact they need companionship and daily interaction, and fresh food and water, and they need to be able to bond over a period of time. A bird is much different from a puppy or kitty, they don't automatically love you, you have to work with them. How often are you at your mom's house? hopefully at least once a day, otherwise if its like only weekends or something that bird will not become bonded to you and over time will only become more wilder, so if you think about it and find you don't have the chance to spend at least an hour or more a day with it I suggest giving it to a loving home who considers the birds needs and not what tricks they might be able to teach it.

Kila- 10/5/06 RIP
Makena- 12/14/06-9/2009 (To a Better Home)