ok im a 16 year old magician and i bought a parakeet about march for my birthday and i had planned on using him in my act well had to train him so i stumbbled onto this site. well ive sat and i have read all about parakeets. and i have tried to use these techniques with training my bird but one problem is that i dont live with it all the time, see my parents are divorced and i live with my father but my bird stays with my mother because my stepmom wont let me bring it to my fathers house. so there for its hard for me to sit down and actually train it. when i first got stick (my parakeets name) he was a little scared but about the next day i could get him up onto my finger and he was just fine. well i played with that for a long time and he was doing just fine well i decided that it was about time i let him out of the cage and he flew around and played ontop of the fan and ontop of the cabinets. wel it was hard catching him but i finaly did and got him back into the cage. and for about a month everything was fine untill baby came along. my sister fell inlove with my parakeet and she wanted one her self and i was like cool that would be great for my parakeet. but she ended up and got a cockatill instead in was a new born bird and just had its wings clipped and the people that did it did an awful job they hurt her wings and everything i wish they hadnt done it but oh well. see baby wont let you touch her at all if you try she freaks out. well i think my parakeet has picked up on that because he has never done this befor i try to pick him up he flys around and around in his little cage just going crazy. and if i finally do get him he bites the living xxxx out of my fingers and ive tried everything to make him stop so if some one could help me in my predicament i would greatly appreciate it
thanks so much -trey-

oh p.s. one other thing stick is learning to open his cage is that good or bad??

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