those people at those places have no clue what they are talking about they look at the size of the bird and the cage and say yea it will fit "yea sure it WILL FIT" but the bird is not free to excercise and play and do what birds are suppose to do. they need as much room as possible, what if we lived in house where we just did FIT and was not able to roam around and do thing we are meant to do? are we going to be happy? lol im not being mean to you village but those people at petsmart petco etc etc think they know what they are talking about and they dont and grrrrr it just makes me so mad!!! its like the lady told me when ibought my bird i asked her how to train it, and this was her answer "put on a glove and grab the bird in your hand and rub the back of its head!" lmfao i mean how scary would that be if it was me or you and a giant hand???? not only is grabbing them scary but they cannot see behind there heads to see what is happening to them and she expects them to be tame after that? lol ok i think i got my point across lol anyway i would put no more than 2 finches in the cage either.

TEEKA R.I.P 6-1-07 R.i.p meeko 8-20-2010