They usually lay an egg every other day and they hatch in the same order that they were laid. The incubation period can be from 17-21 days depending on when the hen began to incubate the egg. Some hens incubates hens after laying the 1st or 2nd egg. Panchita began incubating her egg right when she laid the first one and she also laid her second egg the day after the first egg was laid but there after, she laid an egg every other day.

About the babies, they aren’t sticky, they just feel really soft and silky. They actually feel really nice in the hands, I was able to hold one of them for a few seconds while I was changing the bedding.

They also usually get all their feathers at around 4-5 weeks and that’s the time that they are ready to leave the nest. But usually at 2-3 weeks you can tell already what colors they will be when the colors begin to show. The down feathers usually appear at around 2 weeks or so and they start to look like little cotton balls.

I like to check all the babies a few times a day or have someone else check them for me to make sure their crops are full and they are getting fed. I know Panchita must be going through a lot right now since the babies have to eat every 2-4 hours but so far she is doing a great job. I never imagined her to be a mom since she’s little terror lol

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