nature at work new life.they look so tiny and helpless keep us up dated with pictures,can't wait to see them. I was in a petco today and i saw a large parakeet lay an egg in the food dish.I forget what the name of the breed of keet but it was the size of a small parrot.the colors were great one was even a purplish first that's what I thought it was until I read the sign.I told a worker about the egg.when I finish shopping I checked and the egg was still there and the mommy was sitting on it. I left the store very angry.maybe i'm wrong the large keets do need a nesting box or anything?Heathesaurus Rex what tpe of keet was that.they wanted a hundred dollars for it.Punker Bear that goes for you too what the breed of that type of keet and why din't they remove her and the egg?

when you wish upon a star,you pray you wish comes true.