Hey guys! I want to give you an update! On Mon another chick hatched!

Here are the two babies together, I think they like eachother lol
[Linked Image]

and the third baby hatched today!!

[Linked Image] (the new baby in the one in the front. I'm not so sure why his eyes are lighter than the other two but maybe he has red eyes and is a lutino. I think I would faint if that was the case

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image] (Panchita is feeding her chick and it's not easy and you could tell by how messy her face is lol)

[Linked Image] (that's Cuchito trying to get his fat butt into the nest hole, he's also feeding Panchita)

I'm so happy everything is working out so well and I hope it stays that way!! Thanks for looking! =)

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