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unfortunately quakers are illegal here ever since a colony moved in to one of the neighbord hoods and killed their corn crop or something frown
im thinking my next (different) bird will prolly be a teil or a parrotlet though or if i save up long enough an african grey because I always go to the local bird store and play with them and they're so cute smile

Ahh yes, I've heard that they are illegal in some states. I've also heard that the laws are kinda BS because the Quakers don't truely pose any threat to their ecosystems. I guess there are arguments to go both ways.

I would definately do my research before getting a Grey. They're horribly intelligent and can live to be over 70 years old! You'll be lucky to outlive it and that means you have to be ready and willing to provide for it for your entire life or deal with the heartbreak of selling or giving away your baby. Just a thought...if you're ready for the commitment though, they are absolutely amazing smile