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Do you worry about biting more with the larger birds? That is my biggest fear about them.. I love the vidoes of all the bigger birds on here but the thought of that BIG beak scares me to death! LOL Can you train larger birds to do more things than parakeets? I hope you don't mind me asking these questions!

BTW- You have beautiful birds!! smile Dave looks like he is always curious! SO CUTE!! smile

Bigger birds as in Macaws and Eclectus can definately be intimidating and they could definately hurt you pretty bad if they wanted to. If you spend plenty of time with your bird and properly train it not to bite, there's usually very little danger to the pet owner. They will definately nip when they get excited and stuff but Dave and Floyd haven't broken my skin. In Dave's case (and this is true of a LOT of parrots) strangers are definately at risk, lol.

Most of the larger species are going to be quite a bit more intelligent than a parakeet and you can train them to do all kinds of things, though the intelligence factor has a tendency to add to behavioral problems due to under-stimulation.

Thank you for the compliments smile Dave IS terribly curious and it gets him in trouble haha.