My Coco gos for blood all of a sudden her nips turned into lunges at my hand if i reached in to hang a brocolli or something, I give her tone to shred. And she used to step up. Now after abou 2 steps ups she just trys to attak and it is vicious, i tried saying No in a firm voice, i tried rewarding the steps ups, but i cannot anymore be cause all she does is lunge for my hand. I think I made a monster but have no idea how or how to stop it. I tried to let her bite me as much as she wanted ( I am sure about her doing this to be dominant) but it made it worse.Now she will bite so i let her as in I don't care then she will literally hang from my finger trying to chew thru my skin and if I try to move her to a perch she just keeps holding on and biting . I never make a sound. Sigh. Any advice would be appreciated.
I don'y now what to do anymore.

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