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i remember you i think lol
I want a jenday conure so badly, they were actually the first birds I like... fell in love with, but my parents told me no, they were too loud for an apartment, o then i wanted a tei but my mom thought that was a very long and involved commitment for someone who hadnt had a bird since her parakeet passed at age 8 so... I got my keets... and I love them lol

but I still want my conure... and a teil...and a too... and a capri macaw... and a hyacinth... yeah, im cool like that
me my birds my horses and my dogs will be very happy together when i get older lol

Dave (my conure) is definately the loudest of any of my birds...and that says a lot, lol. He's actually a mix of a Jandaya and a Sun conure, giving him the orange/red face of the sun and the fully green wings of the jandaya. A lot of times people will think they're buying a Jandaya and it'll really be a hybrid because they look a lot alike.

I am definately a fan of most all cockatoo's and mackaws. One of my friends just got a baby Blue and Gold and it's super cool...though the size of his beak is a little intimidating.

I would really encourage getting a baby Quaker as your first bigger bird. For some reason they seem to be easier to work with and less nippy than conures (given they are acquired as babies and brought up right). One of my friends has a Quaker and a Greencheek Conure and the Quaker is the better mannered of the two for sure (which is the same in my case). I know quakers aren't as appealing as they are kind of plain looking, but trust me...you'll fall in love smile