Okay get this. My bird Eago is the biggest baseball fan ever. I love baseball myself, I play a video game on Playstation, and I watch the Rangers on TV whenever they are aired. Well when I play the game Eago sits and chirps loudly, happy acks, and sings. He pretty much is the happiest bird on the planet. I figured he just enjoyed the music that went along with the video game.
Well there has been a lot of baseball on TV I've been watching lately, and every game I watch Eago sits and watches to. Chirping and carrying on so much I can barely hear the TV. He's just so happy when anything baseball related is on. I can't figure it out. It's so funny and cute. I just wonder who his favorite team is laugh I swear if he's a Yankee fan! mad
Anyone else have a bird that goes nuts like this when a particular thing is on TV?