My birds love beads strung on hemp, just make sure the beads are big enough that they can't swallow them and the knots are tied tightly.
Also as to losing your bond wiht your bird. Nouba and I were very very good friends but I was at work and school a lot (she was always out sitting with me when I was home though, even if i was watching tv she sat on my shoulder or my lap or on the couch next to me) So I got Darcy to keep her company. They get the exact same attntion as before (well not really becaus Nouba's becoming meaner and meaner) And Nouba still got mean. Not right away but after a bit. She's still the tamer of the two, she sits on my hand and my shoulder and doesn't fly away unlike Darcy (who btw never bites, if I could smush them together they'd be the perfect bird) But just so you know, even if you have a good relationship the new bird will influence your bird and most likely in a direction away from you unless you get a hand fed socialized baby from a breeder.

*Darcy* 7.2.09