well he wont like you as much, he'll like to other bird.
I have heard some things on teaching birdies tpo stop biting though.
Here we go... forgive me if I sound like Ceaser Milan (the Dog Whisperer) for a moment but, birds are flock animals. One bird in the flock is the leader. They way this bird becomes the leader is by biting and pecking the other birds into submission. It sounds like tweetie things hes the head bird. He isnt. How do you let him know this?
Well. obviously yelling doesnt work, they think its funny. Hitting them is a big no no, they dont connect it with what they have just done they just see it as you being mean.
there are two things you can do. One is every day when you take tweetie out make him step up (or ladder) about 10 to 15 times. In other words hes sitting on one finger put the other hand in front of him and say up firmly. If he bites you you keep your finger there and press more firmly on his belly and say up again. I would do it again once while hes out and then do it again befor eyou put him away. Eventually when he starts doing it with no complaint try to figure out a way to make it a game to make it more fun because its very much like the atkins diet, if you stop too soon you just gain all that agression back.
Another way of handling it is preemptive startling. The preemptive part is key. You have to see that hes about to bit before he bites and stop it while its still a thought that way (after enough times obviously) instrad of doing it and going oh wait this is bad, he thinks it and goes oh wait this is bad. So, you see his body language change in a way that indicates he's about to bite (you may have to watch him bite a few times to get this but usually they crouch real low and open their mouths) once you see the little glimmer even in his eyes drop your hang a few inches. Not enough to drop him or hurt him (and hopefully not enough for him to bits you just to hang on for dear life) but enough so that he goes 'Geez! What was that?!' it takes his mind off of wanting to bite you for the moment. do it again the next time and the next time and eventually he pairs the unwanted experiance (the hand drop or if hes on your shoulder clapping or doing something else very sudden) to the thought of hey, let me remind her im in charge.
A combination of this and the laddeirng will remind him that you are in fact in charge.
Be very careful not to yell in general but even more careful not to yell his name. You dont want TWEETIE! to be synonymous with BAD BIRD! Dont shake your finger at him. Even though that is startling its also using the very thing you want him to appreciate as a weapon...
I hope that helps smile

*Darcy* 7.2.09