I've almost had it! I've had tweetie for a month now, and he still treats me like the first day i got him. I've been more than gentle with him, training him properly, paying more than enough attention to him, and he still is biting! I've also done all i can about his biting too. I never flinch, i never move, and i also put my knuckle to his mouth and let him bite until he tired himself out. but he still insists! we will just be hanging out and he'll be sitting on me, and he will just bite constantly! we're not talking about little strikes...we're talking about holding on and grinding! I'm to the point of just forgetting about taming him and just let him stay in his cage. What am i to do??? I've done EVERYTHING!!! mad I mean, he even pierces the skin and makes me bleed. i have a lump of scar tissue forming on my thumb from the constant piercing at the same spot.

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