I've got the same cage. It's been Yuki and Nami's home for around 2 and a half years now. They love it and there's plenty of room with just the two of them in there (I've got Pheonix in a smaller cage in a different room.) plus their toys. My only complaint is that they absolutely love to sit in the parts that flare out at the top and see how far they can toss their seed shells. eek I honestly believe they both sit and try to see who can throw them farther when I'm not in the room.
And I think they've got distance pooing contests, as well. [Linked Image]

(Edit) PS: This is it. grin Right? http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/images/products/detail/large/i/in56/in560210large_d5dd.jpg

| R.I.P. Nami |

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