LOL@give out stock tips, and dressing advice. laugh

As for how did I come up the names for my birds? Well, the parrotlets, we got them together, so I wanted a name that had two connecting. Since I love Abercromie & Fitch, there goes their names. smile

Lennon and McCartney were almost named that, but being as I love the Beatles. When Paul and John wrote a song together, it was listed as Lennon/McCartney, so I went with their last names.

The way I got the name Bijou, was I really had wanted to call her Coco Channel but no one else in the family liked it. My eldest son decided to do a search for "names for yellow birds" and came across a site that had the name Bijou. And my son and I both have taken French classes. Bijou means small perfect jem. smile

Pixel, is a small dot of colour, and being as Pixel had been so tiny when we got her, it seemed quite fitting. And being as I didn't know at the time if she was a boy or girl, Pixel was unisex. smile

City, got his name, because I had just come back from a second honeymoon from New York City. I loved the place so much. My husband new I loved this olive green bird in the pet store, and he surprised me with the bird one day. He gave me The City. laugh

My green English Budgie. I wanted to give him a name pertaining to something English. My husband is from Liverpool. He said that people from the Liverpool area are called Scousers. So, I named my bird Scouser. smile

Dover got her name because of her colour. She is also an English Budgie, so I wanted to give her a name pertaining to England. I thought of the White Cliffs of Dover. Plus, she reminded me of a white dove. It seemed perfect. laugh