Wow, that picture worked!! It wasn't showing up for me last night. I uploaded it to photobucket, time and time again, and nothing was there, and when I posted the code, nothing showed, it was really weird, but then, I guess it did finally post.

I "magic cut" out each bird, resized the photos, and then "stitched" them together, all of which was done in the photo shop. Then I just "bucket filled" the backround. I had a long boring weekend with which I had a lot of time on my hands, lol.

Yeah, Scouser is quite the riot, oh yeah, I forgot, his other favourite activity is napping, lol. smile

Oh yeah, and my Quaker, she used to stick her head out of the front of my jacket when the lights dimmed, she knew I had just bought a tub of popcorn and she wanted some, she'd actually just stay hidden inside my jacket, with me sitting there with a tub of popcorn, waiting for the lights to go out. She never got out of my jacket, she stayed there, eating popcorn and looking out at the movie. smile

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